Organizing the workshop

Discussion on how we will go about reaching the goal of the workshop:

We will need to create two teams that can focus on the two maps.

Display map which will contain entries we consider of greater significance, specifically approximately 12 entries of two min. films, autorun on display. It will include a film documentary with different located chapters.  Each videos should have a common structure and belong to each of the categories of commons (natural, cultural, public space and digital). (Supervisor: Jaime)

Research map which will have more entries, running on a desk-top computer. A team will have to deal with the entries that have already been posted on the map. (Supervisors: Daphne, Osfa)

Also a print map will be created. (Supervisor: Pablo)

Producing a documentary of the workshop

Key areas of interest to begin with:

Presentation of Hackitectura Commons Workshop – How to create knowledge as a common project (using our work as an example)

Commerciality and Commons

Navarinou Square

Athens Wireless Metropolitan Network

The participants are starting to divide in groups in order to cover the areas of interest that we distinguished today so as to start working on them.


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  1. Carolin

    ideas for categories

    Yesterday some of us discusses and came up with Ideas for a modified taxonomy (just as an idea to share it with you):

    *1st IDEA*
    …… 4 categories …
    – Theory [give metro tickets away, Lunch Street Party, carpooling …]
    – Space [Cultural, Public & Nature together (Social centres, Parks, Booze …]
    – Digital [Indymedia, Synth09 BLOG, Gamato bitTorrent Tracker …]
    – Hybrid [More categories than one]

    *2nd IDEA*
    ….. 7 categories …

    – Political & social spaces and groups/communities // non-commercial //
    [e.g. Void Network/Nosotros, Steki, Agora Kypselis, Skoros, Sporos, parko navarino…]

    – Cultural Spaces // mini-commercial //
    [Kalon Technon (?), Bias, Booze, Ludens Labs, The Meet Market (design) …]

    – Public spaces // organised by/with the state //
    [Parks, Squares, Street Markets, Kalon Technon]

    – Nature green // stuff, animals etc. //
    [Parnitha National Park, Elliniko Beach, Lofos Strefi, Liberated Dogs, Making out outside…]

    – Digital
    [Indymedia, Athens wireless …]

    – Historical incidents // related to commons //
    [Hunger Strike Camping in Propilaia, Politexnio 1973 Rebellion, shooting of Alexandros – initial point of december 2008 revolt]

    – Ideas/actions // to create commons/actions //
    [Freeday, Giving your metro ticket to somebody else, What Street Party, Carpooling, Lunch Street Party]

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