Main points of the presentation of Cartography by hackitectura

Cartography as global activism

Using the map as an act of performance, a research tool and a way to establish and define territory and political action

Worldwide examples

  • Conservative policy in U.S.A. used a map (referring to Iraq as Al Qaeda, in order to legitimitize war in that area)

-Complexity of system, which states very useful information, requires a great deal of research and contains scientific information. Use of maps to desribe political and social movements as a act of activism  (on subject such as refuse of biopolice, world governement, world monitoring etc)

  • Hackitectura maps

Sevilla Global (activism against the summit of European ministers, zapatistas, revolutionary group)

Pula Red Plan

Istanbul  map1 map2

Cartografiando Gaza

Cartografia critica del estrecho de Gibraltar map1 map2

Union Europea  (visualization of territory with a specific point of view such as immigrants, workers) Groups with political agenda used the map to organize their agenda.


Forum of Culture in Barcelona  (activists created a map in order to present the “truth about the forum”, they decoded it)

Politics map in Venice 2006-2007

Other works of cartography:

Solidarity Maps



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