Task for tomorrow

  • Prepare your corrections in a draft form in a word/text-documents
  • Tomorrow find the people who did the entry and ask for their login (or ask Madi for admin login)
  • In your word/text-documents do:
  • Delete any misspelling
  • Translate the text in GREEK and eventually shorten it. Each text should be only up to 200 words!
Natural Cultural Public Space Digital
Parnitha National Park  (Eleana) Books Crossing (Aliki) Refugee Housing Complex Alexandras avenue (Daphne Lada) Carpooling (Maria)
Acropolis Squat (Eleana) Ticket Crossing (Aliki) Pasamontana  (Daphne Lada) Freecycle (Athina)
Strefi Hill (Eleana) Kunsthalle Athena (Aliki) Atenistas (Daphne Lada) Logo 31 (Athina)
Liberated Animals (Eleana) Megas Alexandros Local Inhabitants (Aliki) Lunch Street Party (Dimitiris Hatzopoulos) Hel.lu.g (Athina)
Liberated Beach (Eleana) Protovoulia Katoikon Exarchion (Melina) Freeday (Dimitiris Hatzopoulos) Athens Indymedia (Athina)
Cretzmars Bunting (Aliki) ASFA (Athens School of Fine Arts) graduate students Union (Melina) Street Market Exarchia (Dimitiris Hatzopoulos) Commons BLOG (Zaxos)
Exarchia Political Data Space (Melina) Athens Central Market (Dimitiris Hatzopoulos) Gammato bitTorrent Tracker (Zaxos)
What Street party (Melina) Drakopoulos Park (Dimitiris Hatzopoulos) Fedora Projekt Greece (Zaxos)
Κατάληψη Μηχανουργείου ΕΜΠ (Melina) Columbia Squat (Elena) Greek FLOSS Campaign (Zaxos)
Palaio Elaiourgio (Nelli) Prapopoulo Squat (Elena) Ubuntu Greek Community (Natalia)
Anotati Scholi Kalon Tehnon (Nelli) “Aris Velouhiotis” self-managed park (Elena) Athens Wireless Metropolitan Network (Natalia)
Bios (Nelli) Guerilla biking – local/Athens (Elena) Underground Free University (Natalia)
Steki Migrants Social Centre (Nelli) Hunger Strike Camping in Propilaia (Elena) Synth 09 BLOG (Natalia)
Agora Kypselis (Nelli) Social Centre Botanical Garden (Daphne)
Skoros (Daphne Lada) Agros (Daphne)
Nosotros (Daphne Lada) Parko Navarino (Daphne)
Pagrati Park Open Assembly (Daphne)
Making out Outside (Daphne)
Squat Patmou & Karavia (Maria)
Panepistimio area (Maria)
Kypseli Square (Maria)
Open-Air Cinemas (Maria)

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