Say ‘bye bye’ to not-commons

I (carolin) was told to delete some entries as they are not considered commons by the majority of us.

As we are not able to delete entires from the workshop place I deleted the following entries at mi casa:

Street Market Exarhia
(contained a video)
text: Saturdays _ Kalidromiou St. Neighbourhood orStreet Market with local products (vegetables, flowers, fruits…)
Start early 9 am to 2 pm, winter: usually cancelled for heavy rain

Athens Central Market
(included a video about the market)

Open air-cinemas
(Included a video „Open Air Cinema: The Urban Machine“ and a link:
text: Athens centre has at least 15 open-air cinemas that usually open in June and close in September or with the first rains. Some of them operate also in the winter, since they have a retractable roof that opens and closes depending on the weather.
A video-documentary tracing the development of urban identities in Athens through the mapping of open air cinemas by Yannis Christofides and Melissanthi Saliba. Music by Yannis Christofides.

Kunsthalle Athena
text: Kunsthalle Athena is an old building in which several artistic events take place.It reflects the social role of conteporary art and enhances the pontential of cultural co-production . The purpose is to bring into contact the public with the contemporary art in an informal way.

Anotati Scholi Kalon Tehnon
text: The Athens School of Fine Arts has evolved from a small nucleus established in 1837 known either as the Polytechnic or the School for the Arts. In 1843 the School for the Arts was organised into three divisions under a single director:
First: a part-time school providing supplementary education to craftsmen
Second: a full-time school for young people intending to work as industrial craftsmen
Third: a full-time higher educational school for teaching the fine arts.
The third division of the school, which taught subjects such as painting, sculpture, architecture, lithography, woodcutting, geometry, and cartography, was called The School of Fine Art and was the real ancestor of today’s Athens School of Fine Arts. It was the predominant branch of the School for the Arts from 1844 until 1862.
The school’s second division, called the School of Industrial Arts, developed into the Technical University, which, since 1863, has become a very important factor in Greece’s industrial development.
In 1910 the School of Fine Art was separated from the Technical University and provided with its own director. Finally, in 1930, the school was renamed the Athens School of Fine Arts and established as an independent institution.

Athens centre for today’s art and cross media


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