Videos and video-makers for the map

Video People Resources/Documentation
Cultural Knowledge Presentation / 

Our Workshop

Dimitris, Nelli
Digital AWMN 


Pablo, Dimitris Video at Research map
Public Space Navarinou square/ public space /self management Zack, Maya
Cultural Commercial and commons / discussion Elena, Nelli, Jaime, Caroline Carla’s and Osfa’s schemes
Cultural Tickets Manos, Melina Video crossing 

Spots crossing

Public space Graffiti Pavlos, Madi Madi  video
Cultural Migrants places Olga, Maya
Cultural Social Movements Natalia, Daphne, Aliki
Cultural University protest Melina, Eleanna
Cultural Collective Memory Daphne, Maya, Nelli Images of December 2008 / 

Ask people in the workshop to give a description of the image or event that best describes december

Cultural Language Osfa, Sonia, Athina
Public space 


Virtual park Daphne, Maria, Dimitris
Digital Free@cycle Daphne, Maria, Dimitris
Digital P2P Pavlos
Natural Animals Liberated from humans Caroline, Nelli Video of street / stray dogs and cats
Public space 


In-between spaces Andreas, Penny
Digital Free software Floss Osfa, Jaime, Pablo

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