How to tag your entries!

The photo contains the rules for your entries and below you can view which tags you can use and are considered valid!

CATEGORIES: natural / cultural / public space / digital

TAGS :      squat,    park,     garden,     beach,      neighborhood,     immigrants, transport,     bicycle,     camping,     animals,     social_movement,     social,         self_organized,     protest,     happening,     action,     guerilla,     education,       university,     art,         culture,     music,     theater,     bar,     cinema,      exhibitions,      projections,    street_art,     open_source,     common_digital_info,     Linux,       p2p,     sharing,      reuse,      fair_trade,      market,     love


  • The route of your “tag thinking” should go from general to specific (e.g . public_space, squat, social_movement)
  • When your tag is more than one word, always put an underscore ( e.g. street_art) between the words.


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