Call for participation

Conference Call for Papers

The Conference aims to gather mapping practices from different disciplines. We are looking for presentations that interpret and discuss innovative practices, which map tactics, agents, processes, and relationships around the commons.

The accepted abstracts will be notified by10 October 2012. The oral presentation will be 20 min. (approx. 1500 words). The selected conference papers will be invited for a publication after the conference.

Workshop Call for Participation

Due to our tradition of the private and the public, of property and individualism, the commons are still hard to see for our late 20th Century eyes. We propose, therefore, a search for the commons, a search that will take the form of a mapping process. We understand mapping, as proposed by Deleuze and Guattari, and as artists and social activists have been using it during the last decade, as a performance that can become a reflection, a work of art, a social action. Istanbul will be the object of the mapping project. We propose the hypothesis that a new view of the city will come out of the process, one where the many and multiple, often struggling against the state and capital, are continuously and exuberantly supporting and producing the commonwealth of its social life.

A group of 20-25 architects, activists, artists, filmmakers and social scientists will work for more than a week developing collaborative mapping strategies, audiovisual languages, using open source software and participatory wiki-mapping tools. The final production will feature as its central piece an interactive online video-cartography, complemented by secondary databases and analogue-paper productions.

The submissions will be sent to For the call for papers, we request 300-word and an image For the call for participation of workshop, we request 200-word motivation letter and short bio

The accepted applications will be notified by 10 October 2012. The workshop will take place at Istanbul Technical University Faculty of Architecture building (Taşkışla) in Istanbul between 1-8 November 2012. The final products will be exhibited during the amberFestival between 9-18 November 2012.


13th of Sep: announcing the calls

5th of Oct: Deadline for applications

10th of Oct: Notification of acceptance

31st of Oct: Conference panels

1st –8th of Nov : Workshop


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