A space is being lost…

Taksim.. Panels are raised… from Nese Ceren on Vimeo.

Last night Mapping the Commons, Istanbul team was present at the demonstrations against the Taksim Project. Between 4pm-5pm we recorded the livelihood of Gezi Parki and its surrounding region, possibly the last day of its everyday use. At 5pm we joined the demonstrations. We also took the liberty to record some of the last moments of Taksim as we know it. Within couple of hours, the panels were established, the streets were blocked.

Among the people we interviewed, there were mixed feelings about the new project: some welcomed it based on the fancy colorful images shown on TV, some others assumed that it was going to resolve the traffic of Istanbul. The crowd gathered to reclaim Taksim was mostly against the project because it would erase a whole memory of the city, and replace public places that had common uses with a structured, concrete square. Either in favor or against the project, one feeling was common after the big panels were established to hinder the traffic: no one imagined how ghostly the streets would look. A part of the city is ripped off to become a construction site, people squeezed into tiny pedestrian roads, traffic blocked…


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